Collaborative platform for the design of protection elements.

Do you need protective masks? Do you want to build but do not have a 3D printer?


DIY MED MASK is a collaborative platform against the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to ensure that each person who needs a protective mask can have it. Plans, documents, instructions, news and everything you need so you can create one yourself.


The COVID-19 virus is expanding by leaps and bounds and we need to be prepared to prevent the spread. Many people work day to day exposed to the virus, in hospitals, health centers and all the other services that continue to operate until now (pharmacies, food, electricity, gas, internet, etc.).

Worldwide, the protection mask is one of the most used and needed elements. Their production cannot meet current demand, so we need to help them.

With your desire to help and care for those who care for you, the virus will stop moving forward.

Who are we?

Let’s leave the titles aside. We do this because we simply want to help, nothing more. Each one putting from his place. Engineers, community managers, suppliers, donors, the neighbor, your hardware store, everyone, no more, no less. It is a collaborative platform, we do not sell anything, we only seek to help those who need it.

The virus does not distinguish by honors, by names, by age, or by race or nationality. Us neither.

«There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will»

Albert Einstein

¡Sumate a colaborar!

Plans and Instructions

DIY Med Mask developed three versions of masks: two without the need for a 3D printer and one optimizing the quantity of materials and printing time.

How to clean an X-Ray

 In this video we show you how to clean an x-ray to make the screen of the DIY Med Mask.

How to build an open screen

With your x-ray clean, here we show you how to make a simple screen for any version of DIY Med Mask.

How to build a closed screen

 Here we show you how to make a closed screen for any version of DIY Med Mask with the same radiograph.

DIY Med Mask V0

 Very simple mask to make. Support made with stabilizer, the material generally used in reusable bags.

DIY Med Mask V1

 Mask with greater rigidity. Support made with plastic straps, material generally used to close packages and plastic seals.

DIY Med Mask V2

 To reduce time, space and material, DIY Med Mask developed a universal and essential 3D printable holder.

Connect with us. We beat this virus together

DIY Med Mask is benevolently designed and built to participate in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.